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Contract-to-cash on a single platform

Everything you need to go from contracts to cash on a modern, unified platform. Save hours of manual effort, maximize flexibility, and reduce DSO.

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Outcomes, delivered

Tabs is an AI-powered AR platform that understands, structures, and organizes your contracts (MSAs, order forms, POs, emails, side letters, amendments and renewals) to automate the entire receivables lifecycle from invoice calculation through cash application. 


Save time

Analyze commercial terms, calculate invoices, and configure dunning and follow-ups automatically.


Improve cash flows

Send accurate invoices on time with internal approvals when necessary, and set reminders to get paid when invoices are due.


Avoid errors

Eliminate human error by unifying receivable data in a consolidated data store with robust reporting and analytics.


The Tabs AR Platform

Tabs was built to automate your entire accounts receivable process from finalizing the deal (and all the associated documentation) all the way through the moment you get paid and reconcile with your bank. We call this the “contracts-to-cash” lifecycle.


Ingest complex contracts with sophisticated AI

Say goodbye to massive invoicing spreadsheets. Tabs automatically extracts, structures, and organizes data from all of your deal documents (MSAs, order forms, POs, emails, side letters, addendums, renewals, etc.) for use in your AR process.

  • Extract: Automatically extract key terms, conditions, and schedules from documents like MSAs, order forms, emails, side letters, and even renewals
  • Organize: Structure deal information into an extensible data schema that can be used to calculate bills, build schedules, and manage your customer relationship
  • Query: All of your contract terms are tagged specifically on every contract for indexing, auditing and analysis
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Streamline invoice calculations and build complex bills in seconds, not hours

Tabs integrates with source systems and calculates even the most complex invoices based on your contact terms. Create detailed schedules and collaborate on more qualitative topics. 

  • Schedule: Automatically create a customer-level invoice schedule based on the contract terms and any amendments
  • Calculate: Determine usage or handle overages with direct feeds into source systems, business intelligence tools, or even just simple CSV files
  • Collaborate: Define an approval process across your team and get buy-ins before you send the invoice
  • Send: Deliver invoices via email or through advanced AP Portal Automation when necessary
  • Follow-up: Control your follow-up schedule down to the day with customized emails to make sure nothing falls through the cracks


Collect B2B payments seamlessly with automated cash application 

Support your customers with a variety of payment options common in B2B ranging from physical checks, ACH Credit/Debit, and Credit Cards.

  • Payment Portal: Customer-facing portal that extends your brand and provides the right information to ensure faster collections (payments, tax information, usage, etc.)
  • Remittances: Automatically distribute funds to third parties including channel partners, revenue sharing and affiliation partners
  • Auto-reconciliation: Automatically apply both analog and digital payments as they come in to close out the invoicing sequence and close your books faster
Bank Reconcilliation
Reporting DSO


Create universal visibility across your entire customer financial relationship 

Manage and store all of your key customer records in one platform to enable advanced reporting, easy configuration and actionable insights.

  • Efficiency: Stay on top of core aging and collections with dynamic reports on DSO, collections, days-to-cash and cash forecasting
  • Revenue: Get a birds-eye view of key performance metrics including ARR/MRR, Cash Forecasting, and Deferred Revenue
  • Insights: Understand your customer behavior to determine churn risk and ideal communication and payment methods to drive the right outcomes


Seamless integrations to all your customer data

Simple no-code APIs that get you into your key enterprise applications to ensure you are operational in days, not quarters 

  • ERP/GL: One click bi-directional integrations into major systems such as QuickBooks and Netsuite
  • Tax: Seamless tax integrations to ensure compliance with Avalara and Anrok
  • Payment: Seamless distribution of payment options with simple connections to Stripe and major Banking Partners
  • CRM: Simple data ingestion from popular sales tools such as Salesforce and Hubspot

Findigs New With Transparent

"Tabs is the only software we saw that could fully automate our complex billing and remittances process. Tabs provides all the features we need to manage our receivables in one, easy-to-use platform. Not only are we now saving time on manual tasks, we’re also able to get cash in the door faster."

Sebastian Hart
Director of Finance & Business Development

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