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Extract Key Terms with AI

Tabs AI extracts, structures, and organizes key terms across all your commercial documents.


For finance teams, the customer relationship begins with a signed document (e.g. MSA, PO, Sales Order, Amendment). Tabs ingests these documents and uses its AI engine to automate your AR processes.


Extract complex contract terms with AI 

Analyzing contracts requires a deep understanding of terms, conditions, and policies. As volume increases contract variability multiplies, leaving you with burdensome spreadsheets. Tabs AI understands the key terms in all your documents and extracts qualitative and quantitative components in seconds.  



Structure key contract terms into a usable data model

Accommodating a variety of contract terms is standard practice, but the ripple effects are drastic for Finance. Contract complexity leads to messy spreadsheets and single-points-of-failure risk when billing knowledge resides with one person. Tabs extracts, structures, and organizes your contract terms into a unified data model for use throughout your AR process.


Organize contracts across a variety of terms and conditions

As contract volume increases, staying on top of your latest billing information becomes difficult. Tabs organizes all your contracts making it easy to search and take action. With Tabs you can see which terms are more standard than others, manage exceptions across your customer base, and track critical terms like termination for convenience clauses.