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Tomorrow's AR, today

Combining a seasoned team with world-class technology, we are on a mission to help organizations bring the power of AI to accounts receivable. 

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Our story

Tabs was founded by a team of operators who have spent decades building and scaling companies. Our shared belief is that a massive amount of today's finance work is manual and needs to move to more modern and automated software. Payroll, accounts payable, and spend management platforms have all seen this shift, but AR has not. Cash flow is the lifeblood of any successful company, and we are on a mission to save our partners time and collect faster.

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"Our platform saves businesses significant time, reduces financial operational risks, and provides advanced board reporting. Longer-term we are focused on delivering company-changing insights to finance leaders that can fundamentally impact a company’s long-term value."

Ali Hussain
Co-founder and CEO

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"Tabs is a perfect application of AI to understand, structure, and then act on complex B2B contracts. With half a billion invoices being sent annually, this is a huge problem to solve.”

Justin Overdorff

Come build with us

If you're interested in the intersection of industry-leading AI with the financial system and automation technology, let's talk. We have a number of open roles across engineer and our go-to-market teams. If you don't see a role that perfectly fits, please apply to our general posting!

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