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Support any payment type

Tabs supports any payment type, from legacy checks to ACH to digital payments via Stripe. Tabs also supports split payments and remittances, commission arrangements, and even automates reconciliation.


Offer easy digital payments to reduce the average time to pay by more than a month. That’s more cash in your account to pay suppliers, add employees, and reduce your cost of capital. 


Offer customers visibility into invoices and payments

Tabs brings a consumer-style experience to the enterprise with many payment options and recurring auto-charge even on ACH transactions. Tabs also provides customers with visibility into their contract period and invoice history. 



Manage split pay, remittance and commission arrangements

Tabs calculates and pushes remittances to distributors, channel partners, and other third parties to handle the entire flow of funds. Leverage usage data or invoice tabulations to drive remittance calculation for payouts. Support synchronous split payments to multiple parties. By handling payouts at time of payment, AR teams can optimize efficiencies and cash on hand.


Cash application on autopilot

Stop manually matching bank payments to your ERP. Tabs auto-matches incoming payments to open invoices to ensure data is up to date. Avoid needling customers over received payments and avoid spending precious time reviewing incoming ACH transactions against invoices.