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Regardless of where you are on your AR journey, you’ll find a trove of helpful resources for general industry insights, org structures, and best practices.

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Blog – State of AR


The State of Accounts Receivable, 2024

Tabs surveyed over 100 CEOs and finance leaders to better understand how they are thinking about accounts receivable and planning for 2024.

Featured webinars

Blog – Agile Finance Org

Building an agile finance organization

Scaling companies require business model flexibility. How do you ensure your commercial operations don't stand in the way to pivot quickly? 
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Blog – AI and AR

How AI impacts accounts receivable

With the rise of LLMs, every company has an opportunity to reevaluate their operations, people and technology stack to most efficiently put their contract to cash workflows on autopilot. 
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Blog – Forecasting Cash Flow

Forecasting cash flow in uncertain times

Receivables are becoming more critical to drive the cash projections and viability. Join us to hear how leading Finance leaders are reporting on their business health through KPIs.
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