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Seamlessly connect to existing systems

Collect contract terms, usage data, and other key metrics with direct integrations to all your source systems.


Tabs creates a single source of truth that bi-directionally syncs customers, items, invoices, and AP data with your ERP and other source systems.


An up-to-date single source of truth

Tabs updates your GL as desired, and gives you the option to connect your order management, inventory, and other systems through your ERP. Tabs pushes invoices and payment records to your ERP and can use any tax service (Avalara, Anrok, Quickbooks Automated Sales Tax, etc.) out of the box.



Support legacy and modern payment methods

Tabs supports legacy payment methods like physical checks while encouraging modern methods like Credit Cards and ACH via Stripe. Tabs merchants have benefited from a 30+ day decrease in time to pay by integrating to Stripe. Tabs can also reduce DSO to zero by auto-charging on invoice dates rather than the invoice due date.


Stay tax compliant with seamless automation

Tabs helps with tax compliance by assigning categories to each billed item, transmitting this information to your tax provider, and passing tax costs on to customers. Tabs connects to Avalara, Anrok, QBO Automated Sales Tax, and other providers through Quickbooks Online and Netsuite.



Build a holistic picture of every customer

Your customer record begins in your CRM, whether that’s Salesforce, Hubspot, or other enterprise software. Tabs integrates with your CRM so that you can sync in key customer data and trigger contracts-to-cash lifecycle from the moment of contract execution.